As an artist, I am committed to an experimental approach that utilizes hybrid forms. Combining multiple narratives, critical analysis, and the shock of the uncanny, my work explores the tension between representation and material substance, with particular reference to the (female) body and it’s habitation of space, from an internal sub-stratum to landscape and the urban environment. Working primarily in technology-based media, (photography, video and digital media) I am particularly interested in how technology informs our understanding of ourselves within the world; both revealing and distancing simultaneously.

A critical element in my work is my commitment to alternate methods of dissemination (outside the context of the gallery space) and the idea of the ‘multiple’, which takes on a certain resonance in a digital context, where the concepts of copy and original do not apply. I am interested in the process of translating a project into multiple formats (an immersive video installation into an interactive video project on the web, for instance) while maintaining the integrity of the idea, rather than producing documentation of an event that occurred at a specific place and time